Officers and Board of Governors: 2016-2017


Officers                      Phone              


CAPT Craig Maggioni                 912-897-1453            Savannah Pilots Association

First Vice President

Chuck Heimes                             912-232-6116             Port City Industrial and Marine

Second Vice President

Dudley New, Jr.                           912-963-0003             Container Source

Third Vice President 

Lynn Brennan                             912-447-9404              US Customs & Border Protection


Tom Wright                                   912-429-3350               Greater Maritime Community


Robert Cole                                   912-660-8284             Georgia Ports Authority

Judge Advocate

Langston Bass                             912-233-3399              Brennan, Harris, & Rominger


Board of Governors


Jason Ball                                      912-662-2914              Ball Maritime Group, LLC

Lee Beckman                              912-964-3909              Georgia Ports Authority

Jonathan Cloughton                    912-232-6404              River Street Riverboat Co.

Hayes Clark                                 912-236-2571             Crescent Towing

Gary Davis                                   912-235-3852             Peeples Industries, Inc.

Robert Dowd                               912-966-7155             Port City Logistics

Ron Droop                                   912-232-2440             Moran Towing

Ben Goldberg                              912-201-0050             JIT Warehousing & Logistics

Jim Myrick                                   912-964-0712              Myrick Marine Contracting

Robert Prescott                          912-658-2251              Greater Maritime Community

Robbie Shea                                912-233-8181             Compliance Systems

Trey Thompson                             912-236-0226              Savannah Pilots Association


Board of Governors - Ex Officio Members


Captain of the Port

CDR Amy M. Beach                       912-652-4353            Marine Safety Unit Savannah


Immediate Past President

Michael Forbes                           912-964-4465             Coastal Ship Services

Past President

Nick Puhala                                 912-239-9009            Willis North America

Past President

Jerry Hogan, Jr.                          912-897-2008            M. J. Hogan & Company

Past President

Gloria Faircloth                           912-927-7931           Greater Maritime Community

Past President

Anna Arnsdorff                            912-232-2101            FedEx Trade Networks

Past President

Chuck Davis                                 912-201-0050            JIT Warehouse

Past President

Chris Desa                                   912-897-0538           Jonaro Technomar

Past President

Hugh Loyd                                   912-354-1067            Greater Maritime Community


Past President

Ralph Magggioni                         912-313-5582            Ralph P. Maggioni, LLC.

Past President

Bob Myrick                                  912-964-0712            Myrick Marine Contracting

Past President

Jim Myrick                                   912-964-0711            Myrick Marine Contracting

Past President

Dudley New                                 912-233-2409            Greater Maritime Community

Past President

McLeod Rominger                      912-236-1331, x-3458 Colonial Group, Inc.

Past President

Charlie Sutlive                             912-233-0415           Savannah Maritime Assoc

Past President

Mark Troughton                          912-964-3811             Georgia Ports Authority




Linda Whiddon                             912-660-9216           Whiddon Business Services

Jackie Frant                                912-713-6442            Administrative Support


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